A hill in downtown Montreal was transformed into a veritable slip and slide Monday morning after a light dusting of snow blanketed the city.

In a video posted to Facebook by Montreal-based designer Willem Shepherd, city buses, cars, trucks and even a police cruiser skid into each other in a series of slow-motion slides down the city’s steep Côte du Beaver Hall road.

In total, a dozen vehicles can be seen crashing into each other at the intersection of Côte du Beaver Hall and Avenue Viger Ouest. In an ironic kicker, the video ends with a salt-spreading truck ramming plough-first into a spun-out police car.

It does not appear that anyone was hurt in the collisions.

With files from CTV Montreal

Credits: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/watch-buses-trucks-and-a-police-car-collide-in-snowy-montreal-1.3190268