Justin Trudeau’s visit with President Donald Trump in Washington


The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau visits President Donald Trump. The President said after the election that he admired the Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau. They med at a 1981 New York City event where Justin’s father Pierre was the guest of honour.

pierre trudeau

A photo gift Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presented President Donald Trump on Monday. (Photo: PMO)


The White House was looking for an opportunity to get the first daughter working on women’s issues, after pushing her dad to make maternal leave a campaign promise.

The Prime Minister Trudeau made clear that the Canadian economy is “very dependent” on its relationship with the US and the both men were “elected on commitments to support the middle class, to work hard for people who need a real shot at success.”

Trudeau stressed the value of multi-country North American supply chains; Trump took an interest when one business leader spoke about Canada’s public-private partnership model for funding new infrastructure projects.



The two leaders shared came together in a meeting in the White House Monday, which included a round table discussion with women business executives that included  Ivanka Trump the first daughter. She listened as Trudeau held the floor in the Cabinet Room shortly after being welcomed to Washington, D.C. by the President Trump.

She also gave her own input, discussion after welcoming Trudeau and entrepreneur women to the White House.

‘I’m honoured to be here and really looking forward to hearing from each of you who serve as tremendous role models for me and so many other business leaders across both of our countries,’ she said, ‘and can lend some tremendously valuable perspective as we think about the unique challenges that entrepreneurs, women in the workforce, female small business owners are confronted with each and every day, and as we think how we level the playing field for this generation and for the next.’

ivanka trump
Ivanka Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and female business leaders to discuss how to boost women in business


the handshake
Prime Minister Trudeau was given a warm welcome by President Trump, posing inside the Oval Office before their talks got underway


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