DRAGONOLOGY book Idrogonology – SPELL BREAKER now available! Following on from the highly acclaimed documentary films CHASING THE DRAGON part 1 and 2, as well as the two seasons of DRAGONOLOGY which aired live on Conscious Consumer Network in 2015, Dragonologist Mel Ve has finally completed the first book in the DRAGONOLOGY series. With over a 1000 images, this book details the existence of the DRAGON in almost all known cultures across the world, as well as tracing our modern day CULTure all the way back to its origins, being the creation of humanity by DRAGON gods. DRAGONOLOGY book I – SPELL BREAKER, takes the reader on a journey through various cultures and mythologies across the ages, to explore the reoccurring symbolism of the DRAGON, as well as decoding its symbols, which are interwoven into the very fabric of our existence through language, writings, artwork, architecture, theatre, sport, music and ritual. Discover the origins of myths, legend and fairytales, and we decipher the deception of the DRAGON, which has been hidden in plain sight.  Learn how to decode the symbolism of the DRAGON, and BREAK the SPELL of your enslavement.

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