This recipe is from Chef Maurizo Santin


Maurizio Santin, son of Ezio Santin of the Antica Osteria del Ponte, two Michelin stars, located at Cassinetta Lugagnago MI, finishing high school is close to the kitchen of his father, where he discovers the great passion for pastry. The thunderbolt that conquered the art of pastry Santin came through “of Jacques Maximin chocolate millefeuille”, it enjoyed during a holiday in Nice, which still Santin remembers as “an incredible thing”. Pastry chef by chance or throat, Santin has become over the years a baker by profession. With the momentum from his father, Ezio Santin, one of the chefs that with Gualtiero Marchesi in the early seventies gave a twist to Italian cuisine, the young Maurizio Santin he moved to France.

18 cm diameter and height 3.5 cm


short pastry with baking

125 g of pastry flour
75 g of soft butter
50g caster sugar
1.5 g yeast
1/2 whole egg (25 g)
a pinch of salt
1/2 vanilla bean

Sift flour with baking powder. Divide it into two parts. To one part add the butter, sugar, salt, egg and vanilla. Mix quickly and when the mixture begins to assemble combine the remaining flour and mix until mixture is well blended. Flatten the pastry and cover with a sheet of film. Let rest a few hours in the refrigerator. Roll out the dough on cookie sheet and bake at about 160-170 ° C until staining.

Biscuit cheese cake

275 g of cooked shortcrust
45 g of butter

Crumble the pastry in a mixer. Combine butter made ointment and spread it between two sheets of baking paper to a height of a few mm. Cut pastry dough with a 16-cm band and freeze.

Chocolate biscuit without flour

85 g of egg whites
80 g of dark chocolate 70%
37.5 g of liquid butter *
35 g of egg yolks
20g caster sugar

* I used the liquid butter Valrhona but can be used equally well ghee
Image result for ValrhonaMelt the chocolate at low power to the micro-waves. The Temperature  45-50 ° C add the melted butter and mix. Combine little by little the yolks mixed previously. To froth the egg whites in a planetary then add the sugar a tablespoon at a time. To mount until a glossy meringue. Combine the two mixtures with great care so as not remove the mass. Spread the biscuit at a height of 2.1 cm. I have served a 16 cm high 1 cm ring but I think that, as written by Santin Chef from Italy Milan, is just preferred the half-height. Bake at 160 ° C for about 5 minutes. Cool for good.

caramella2 2Bblog

caramel cream

150 g of fresh cream at 35% fat + a certain volume to compensate
75 g of whole milk
75g caster sugar
75 g whipped cream
4 g of granular gelatin (180-200 Bloom) + 20 g of water to moisturize
1/2 vanilla bean

Hydrate the gelatin with the water indicated. Then, dissolve the microwave. Prepare a caramel with the sugar and add the indicated 150 g of boiling cream. At this point, re-weigh the liquid caramel that will have a lower weight due to evaporation of the hot liquid. Return to the weight of 225 g with the addition of other hot liquid cream. Heat the milk; perfuming with the pulp of vanilla. Add gelatin and mix. Combine milk with caramel cream. Verify that the T is about 50 ° C then add the cream. Pour the cream in silicone moulds with 16 cm high and 1 cm. Freeze.

frothy ganache

385 g of liquid cream at 35% fat
450 g of milk chocolate to 40%
290 g of whipped cream
10 g of granular gelatin (180-200 Bloom) + 50 g of water to moisturize

Hydrate the gelatin with the water indicated; therefore, heat it up slightly to the microwave. Melt the chocolate up to the Temperature of 45 ° C. Boil 385 g of cream; add the gelatin. Pour the cream over the chocolate in 3 times to achieve a good emulsion. Pass the cream mixer. Combine the cream.

soft glaze with caramel and milk chocolate

150 g of water
300g caster sugar
300 g of glucose syrup
200 g of sweetened condensed milk
24 g of granular gelatin (180-200 Bloom) + 120 g of water of hydration
300 g of milk chocolate to 40%

Heat the water with the sugar syrup. Meanwhile, make a dry caramel with the sugar. Add the hot syrup and soften the caramel. Weigh the liquid caramel

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obtained and ensure that the weight is 750 g. As a share will be lost with the boil, prepare in advance a certain volume of syrup. I have been able to verify that it will be necessary to prepare 120 g of syrup in more ‘(40 g of glucose syrup water + 80 g) to balance the weight of 750 g. Then, pour the caramel on condensed milk. Add the hydrated gelatin. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in the microwave. Pour the liquid obtained on chocolate and go to the blender. Sieve 2 times. Cover with plastic wrap and keep in contact in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

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Preparing a mould in 18 cm silicon. Alternatively, a 18 cm height and 3.5 ring coated with a strip acetate. Working backwards. Pour a bottom layer of ganache foamy 1 cm. Cover with freezer. Insert the hard caramel heavy cream. Veil with a little ‘frothy ganache and lay the chocolate biscuit disk. Still a veil of ganache foamy and finally the cookie cheese cake disc. Complete a level with the ganache foamy. Go in the freezer. At the time, place the cake on a wire rack. Heat the icing and take it to about 30-31 ° C. Pass it through a sieve. Pour the frosting around the edge before and then in the middle.  To drop the excess glaze. Allow to cool in the fridge and then decorate it at will. In this case, I used the plates Chocolate 2.5 x 2.5 cm pierced in the center with a pastry rings to heart. The same hearts I called them on the center of the cake in combination with hemispheres of isomalt sugar.
Of course, food gold card …

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