The best cakes that I have ever eaten have come from Shirini Sara, who was known as one of the five top patissiers of the Persian imperial household, and a place of pilgrimage for sweet-toothed Tehranis in the city’s chic northern suburb. Founded in 1978 by maverick Vida Malek, in the face of patriarchal opposition, Shirini Sara was known as the creator of tiny delicate cookies and lush patisseries including the famed marzipan gateaux (made from almonds and pistachios) that were light as air.

The store (located at the 3rd Street of Yosef Abad Avenue) regularly closed at noon on weekends as they had sold out. And at Persian New Year, an unbelievable lineup used to form from 5 am. They catered to the Persian desire for rareness, luxury and balance: a delicious status symbol.The recipes for these delicate, petite designer cookies and luxurious gâteaux are handed down from Vida Malek’s mother who, at 90 is still a vital resource.

Due to political upheaval in Iran, the Maleks moved to Toronto in 1989, where they opened a new Shirini Sara on Leslie Street. Twenty years later they distribute their delicacies to some of the most prestigious cafes and boutiques in Toronto.

1875 Leslie Street Unit # 6 Toronto, Ontario
Canada M3B 2M5
Tel.: 416 510-1050

shirini cake
Hazelnut Chocolate
A freshly made Pistachio Cake ready for delivery
A freshly made Pistachio Cake ready for delivery
Gluten Free Cake with Marzipan by Shirini Sara
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Almond Gateau
Classic Mocha Limo Lemon Saffron


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