Two Battling Moose Discovered ‘Frozen


Jeff Erickson from Unalakleet, western Alaska was out walking in the snowy landscape near the North River on Wednesday when he made the epic discovery.

Erickson thought the two moose would make for a unique mount for his wall and set to work to free the animals from the frozen water.

“We got ’em out… for the cleaning,” Erickson wrote on Facebook, alongside a photo of the beheaded creatures’ blood staining the snow.

Retired biologist Bill Samuel at the University of Alberta told National Geographic he has never seen anything quite like this before.

“This happens rarely when bulls of equal size can’t decide who is boss just by displaying to each other,” Samuel told the magazine.

While moose skulls have been found entangled in the past, it’s rare to find them encased in ice.

“I have heard of locked bucks that were basically eaten alive by coyotes,” Samuel told National Geographic. “Nature can be nasty.”

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