An Open Secret Documentary


An Open Secret is a great documentary for those to see. Watch it if you have children. It might save your child’s life.  

An-Open-Secret-poster.jpgA feature documentary from Oscar-nominated director Amy Berg follows the stories of five former child actors whose lives were turned upside down by multiple predators, including the convicted sex offenders who owned and operated the now infamous Digital Entertainment Network (DEN).

The Hollywood Reporter says that the film offered a “sober look at accusations that lend themselves to sensationalism, Amy Berg’s An Open Secret looks at the sexual exploitation of teenage boys in the entertainment industry by older men….”

Flavorwire claims, “The film feels less shocking as a cult-of-celebrity document and more just quietly horrifying, as it details the trauma and the abuse of power inflicted on young men with stars in their eyes. In some ways, it’s as if Egan’s lawsuit has taken some of the air out of An Open Secret, at least on the level that we’re delving into it and the salacious tales that it contains; they don’t look the same, seen this way.”

Finally, Variety proposed, “… if Berg can find a distrib[utor] willing to brave the forces that have silenced this open secret for decades, the documentary should find avid aud[ience]s worldwide.”


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