Alexander the Great: Murder in Babylon


Was Alexander the Great murdered? Graham Phillips discusses his book called Alexander the Great: Murder in Babylon where he opened up a Pandora’s box to find out what may have happened to him? Listen to this interview to find out the suspects that could have murdered Alexander?


Graham Phillips has been described as an historical detective, a modern-day adventurer and a real-life Indiana Jones. He has been one of Britain’s bestselling nonfiction authors for over twenty years. In 1981, after working as a radio journalist and broadcaster for the BBC and editing a popular monthly magazine, he first turned his talents to investigating unsolved historical mysteries. He has since written thirteen books which are in print around the world and have been published in ten different languages.




In the second half of the fourth century BC, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great created the largest empire the world had ever known. On June 11, 323 BC, in the ancient city of Babylon, at the very heiBook Coverght of his power, he died suddenly of a mysterious illness at the age of thirty-three. For centuries scholars have debated what really killed the man who was arguable history’s most successful soldier. Ancient sources record every detail of Alexander’s strange and shocking demise after attending a feast to honor a fallen comrade – but the cause of death has never been established. Now, with the help of the Los Angeles Police Department and scientists at the University of Southern California, Graham Phillips reveals compelling forensic evidence that Alexander the Great was actually poisoned by a member of his court.


In Alexander the Great – Murder in Babylon Graham recreates the scene of the crime to reveal eight prime suspects, each with the motive and opportunity to have assassinated the king. Examining their lives, he uncovers a maze of intrigue, power-play and romantic tragedy that led inevitably towards Alexander’s death. Ultimately, in a dramatic twist in the tale, the one person with the means to commit the murder is finally unveiled.


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