Mysterious Archaeologists discovered the first ever ancient Etruscan pyramid-like buildings under a city in Italy, they were at a loss to explain the mysterious structures. Etruscan pyramids have been located underneath a wine cellar in the city of Orvieto in central Italy.

Lost World

“We discovered it three summers ago and still have no idea what it is,” write Prof. David B. George of St. AnsMysteriouselm College and co-director Claudio Bizzarri of PAAO and colleagues about the site.

“We do know what it is not.  It is not a quarry; it’s walls are too well dressed. It is not a well or cistern; its walls have no evidence of hydraulic treatments.”

It began three years ago when a team of U.S. and Italian archaeologists began excavations under a wine cellar in Orvieto, Italy, after and saw stairs carved into a wall as Etruscan style. As they dug through mid-20th century and medieval walls and floors, they found tunnels and caves. These large chamber walls were carved to slope up in a pyramidal shape.

Through layers they dig, the archaeologists found 1.5 meters about 5 feet of gray sterile fill, which was intentionally deposited from a hole in the top of the structure.

Calling it the “cavitá” (‘hole’ or ‘hollow’ in Italian), the archaeologists have excavated about 15 meters down. They marked their third year at the site in 2014. By then they had uncovered Gray and Black bucchero, common ware, and Red and Black Figure pottery remains. They have dated deposits to the middle to the end of the 6th century BCE.
Etruscan and Roman, focused on Orvieto also known for its medieval architecture that is located in southwestern Umbria, Italy, it is situated on the summit of a large butte of volcanic tuff, a view of the surrounding countryside, and surrounded by defensive walls built of the same volcanic tuff.  Beneath it and in the surrounding areas of the medieval town, however, lie ancient Etruscan and Roman remains, a focus of archaeological investigations and excavations by various teams for decades.
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