Natalie-Marie Hart Interviews Carol Flett about the miracles of coconut oil


Our Story

Shiloh Farm Products is a venture of faith. Bruce and Carol Flett were nicely settled in a mobile home ready to enjoy retirement.

But then, in 2010 Bruce got horribly sick. At first the Doctor couldn’t find the problem, but it was obvious that he was going down hill fast, losing 40 pounds in 30 days. They took him to the hospital and did numerous tests. Finally they discovered an infection on his aorta heart valve, called endocarditis. The infection went through his blood stream and was causing problems in all his other organs as well, including his brain.

They tried to kill the infection with six weeks of drip antibiotics but the infection won, eating a hole in his heart valve.

He was sent to St. Michel’s hospital in Toronto for a heart valve replacement, but so much damage had already been done, and his body, now horribly ballooned and in congestive heart failure, was ill equipped to handle massive surgery.

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